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Weed Under the Stars

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Weed Poster - Milky Way with Budding Marijuana Female @ Taylor Pass, Colorado Girl Scout Cookie Strain

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This little story began almost 2 years ago in 2014 when I left the east coast to move to Colorado.  My name is Eric Jackson, my 24 year old son has been a professional photographer for several years.  He shoots everything from graduation parties to merchandising shots for part time income while finishing college at Florida Atlantic University.  For the past 3 summers Max has come to visit me but he doesn't just usually fly out, except for this year.  

Maxx"s Photography 8 wheel complete travel mobile (c) Max Jackson




He usually drives his Jeep along with a trailer and rooftop tent as you can see.

 He also takes exquisite landscape shots in addition to being addicted to shooting the stars.  

SUV rented to allow for room for Marijuana Plant  

This year our excursion took renting an SUV after I flew Max
and his brother Jake from Florida to here in Denver.   

After my failed attempts for 2 seasons to make a contact who would allow Max his greatest wish to date, taking a pic of the Milky Way on a marijuana farm here in Colorado or in California, we finally just did it ourselves!

  I grew 5 four foot plants and was willing to sacrifice one of them. This beautiful full grown Girl Scout Cookie flower was about six weeks early from harvest, her 4 sisters were wonderful smoke.  Her sacrifice was worth it for the picture you see we are now selling above Weed Under The Milky Way in Taylor Pass Colorado July 2016 available for purchase.  

Eric Jackson with the dreads and Max Jackson Tetons 2015

We will use the proceeds to allow Max after graduation December of 2016 to travel in his Jeep as long as he chooses.

Below you will find more of his shots and any are available in prints 

or other formats at maxxsphotography.com

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In 2014 his trip cross country trip allowed him enough shooting to develop the timelaps video at



Maxx's Photography Alaska (c) Max Jackson



Maxx's Photography Beautiful Sky in Florida (c) Max Jackson